[WATCH] Laura Ingraham Leaves Conservative Jaws on the Floor After Her Segment on ‘Working With’ AOC

Just when you thought the situation at Fox News couldn’t get anymore bizarre…

Laura Ingraham left conservative viewers absolutely flabbergasted when she actually held a segment on her show about “working with” and finding common ground with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Laura…please…blink twice if they are holding you captive.

I mean honestly, this is a travesty.

I never thought I’d see the day where Laura Ingraham of all people is actually suggesting working with far-left extremists like AOC.

Check it out:

Not too surprisingly, conservatives on Twitter were pretty disgusted with Laura’s move:

We don’t negotiate with terrorists…

It’s always been about their fat salaries and book deals. Always.

These guys are all actors they can flip this easily that means that they didn’t believe a thing that they told us

they believe fox news viewers are like their lefties who listen to direct orders and to trust what they are saying but the ratings say otherwise. most have moved onto @newsmax or @OANN

So glad I tuned out right after the real electron..you know the one…the REAL ONE on November 3rd!!!!!

Toeing the line of their corporate pay masters. As predicted

This is an absolute travesty…

What’s next? Will Hannity be propping up Ilan Omar?

What crazy world are we living in?!

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