VIDEO: Police Officer Roasts LeBron James in Humorous Video

We recently reported on the hero police officer who saved a young black teen from being stabbed by another black teen in Ohio.

Instead of commending that hero cop, the establishment media shamed the cop and policing in general as systemically racist, despite the fact that the white cop saved a black girl from being stabbed, possibly to death, by another black girl.

One of the most egregious examples of this anti-cop anti-white psychosis was basketball superstar, LeBron James who appeared to openly threaten and dox the police officer on Twitter for simply doing his job properly despite deadly and tragic conditions.

Now, another officer has made a video hilariously roasting LeBron.

In the video, Officer Sylvester pretends to be pulling up on a violent incident between two black people.  Instead of following police procedure, he messages LeBron James for further instructions because he is really good at basketball.

The skit is quite funny and should be shared amongst everyone.