Resurfaced New York Times Video from 2018 Warns of Dominion Security Issues

The mainstream media keeps parroting that voter fraud doesn’t exist.

This election was the ‘most secure ever’ and we should accept the results.

That wasn’t the tune they were singing just a couple of years ago.

Even the NY Times themselves were sounding the alarm about the hackability of Dominion voting machines.

Check out this video of University of Michigan computer scientist, J. Alex Halderman, showing students how to pull off the steal:

Bongino listed the easy steps Halderman mentioned to hack a Dominion voting machine and steal votes:

Step 1: Buy a voting machine on eBay, or if you’re the North Koreans, Hack the manufacturer and steal their software code.

Step 2: Write a virus.

Step 3: Email your virus to every election official responsible for programming the voting machines with new ballots.

Step 4: Wait.

Step 5: Hijack the programming and let the election officials copy your invisible malicious code onto the voting machines.

Step 6: Watch your code silently steal votes.

Halderman ran an election at the University of Michigan to see if students preferred their school or arch-rival Ohio State.

The article has a rundown of the election results:

He told students he would be conducting a poll to see how many students preferred their own school, the University of Michigan, over their “arch-rival, Ohio State.”

Students are seen voting for Michigan. “But here’s a little secret between you and me. I’ve already hacked these portless machines.”

Ohio State is the winner…Following a chorus of boos, he informs the students he had hacked the computers, however, a count of the paper ballots shows that Michigan has won.

Halderman’s video concludes by showing a press conference where the speaker said it’s a good idea to have a paper backup system.

Whose press conference was that?

President Trump!