Pelosi’s Daughter Tries Slamming Gov DeSantis But Ends Up Getting Walloped With Her Mom’s Past Stupidity

This blew up right in her face

Nancy Pelosi’s daughter really stepped in it this time.

Christine Pelosi tried to play “tough Twitter girl” but it backfired in her face.

The (much) younger Pelosi decided that she’d try to slam Gov DeSantis…and she did it using the dumbest reason ever.

The left is so scared of DeSantis – and rightfully so – he’s amazing. But their favorite line of attack is always “COVID,” which is really stupid because the numbers don’t work in their favor.

I mean, even many on the left have had to begrudgingly concede that DeSantis’ efforts were successful.

The death rate in Florida is no greater than the national average, and that’s with having a much, much larger older population. Not to mention that Florida’s unemployment rate is 5.1%, compared to 9.3% in California, 8.7% in New York, and 6.9% in Texas. And Florida kids have been back in school since last fall.

Even with all of that said, this is what Christine Pelosi wrote on Twitter:

Christine doesn’t even realize that the spring break situation has nothing to do with “COVID.” The spring breakers are rioting and shooting guns, for crying out loud.

But it wasn’t just that stupidity that smacked her in the face…It was her own mother’s deadly decision regarding COVID that snuck up and walloped Christine.

Remember way back when COVID first started and Pelosi went to China Town in San Fran and told everyone to not worry about the virus and get out and have fun?

Here’s that video:

Well, it didn’t take long for one Trump supporter to remember that fateful Pelosi moment and throw it back in Christine’s face….

By the way, that was a deliberate and dangerous move her mother made that could have killed countless people. We’ll never know the damage it did.


When will these elitist liberal children learn to keep their yap shuts?

Chelsea Clinton is the same way.

They always end up making things worse for their mommies.

Well, actually, maybe we want to keep them talkin’ after all…