Obama-Appointed PA Judge Sends Outrageous Message to Trump’s Legal Team

One thing that has plagued Trump throughout his presidency is the left-wing activist judges who stood in his way every chance they got.

I was never about following the law – it was always just about “stopping Trump.”

And sadly, that sham hasn’t changed – and is only ramping up as we try and fight massive voter fraud in the 2020 election.

Just to give you an idea of how partisan and “fixed” this process is….take a look at this Obama-appointed judge in PA who refused to give Team Trump any additional time to prepare for a major hearing when Rudy Giuliani stepped in to take the lead on the lawsuit.

This is literally being called an “outrage” in legal circles and is unheard of not to grant the additional time.

Typical leftist BS.

All these communists are singularly focused, trying their very best to oust our America First President.

From Western Journal:

After days of filing challenges in various states, Trump last week put his personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, in charge of the national legal fight.

As such, attorney Marc Scaringi of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, became the attorney handling the state case on Monday, a day before U.S. District Judge Matthew Brann was scheduled to hear motions by Pennsylvania state and county officials to dismiss the lawsuit, according to Politico.

Scaringi filed a request to delay the hearing, noting its complexity, his status as new to the case and recent turnover in the Trump legal team.

“Having only been retained today, Plaintiffs’ new counsel need additional time to adequately prepare this case for the upcoming oral argument and evidentiary hearing,” Scaringi wrote in a court filing.

“Furthermore, this is a case of significant complexity and importance to the people of the United States of America,” he said. “And, further, the court record compiled in such a short period of time already contains 148 docket entries by Plaintiffs, multiple Defendants and multiple Intervenor Defendants.”

The judge refused to give Trump’s new counsel time to further prepare, sending what many would consider to be an outrageous and partisan message to the attorney, the president and the country.

Here’s his exact quote: “Oral argument will take place as scheduled, tomorrow, November 17, 2020,” the judge wrote. “Counsel for the parties are expected to be prepared for argument and questioning.

This judge was confirmed by Obama when Biden was Vice President.

He should recuse himself from this case. I can’t believe we’re even having to suggest this. It should go without saying. He needed to go the moment his name came up.

Of course, this jerk is a partisan hack. They all are. And that’s not just me saying that, we’ve all seen these “activist judges” impart their progressive will – not the law – for years now.

The left believes that Trump is so dangerous and evil, that whatever you have to do to stop him, even if it’s unethical or immoral is okay because you’re still doing “the greater good” by stopping “Hitler Jr.”

This is their mindset and actions and it’s dangerous.

source: www.waynedupree.com