Lin Wood Says Mike Pence Guilty of Treason, Faces Execution By Firing Squad, “Will Sing Like a Canary”

OH MY…..

I’m gonna start this off with a fair warning.

I know based on recent Polls I’ve conducted that about 50% of you love Mike Pence.

The other 50% is skeptical, to say the least.

So for the 50% who love and trust Mike Pence, this is your fair warning….

You are NOT going to like this article.

You’ve been warned.

Click out now if you are about to get offended.

But this is not my opinion, let’s make that clear.

I am simply reporting what famed attorney Lin Wood has been saying.

In fact, it started a couple days ago when he posted this:

And yes, I am actually very proud that Mr. Wood chose to cite to a WeLoveTrump article!

I was blown away when I saw that.

But now let’s advance the story and talk about what happened today.

If you think Lin Wood threw Mike Pence under the bus with that Tweet above….baby, you ain’t seen NOTHING yet!

Because here’s what he posted today:

Talk about a mic drop moment!

Yes, that is well respected powerhouse attorney Lin Wood saying that Mike Pence should be arrested for Treason (and perhaps is already on the list?).

That’s bad.

That’s a bombshell.

Then he took it even further saying Pence will face execution by firing squad and he will sing like a canary!

Oh my goodness!


Notice he also says Sec. Pompeo will save the election.

Pompeo has always been one of the few I have trusted.

Nice to see those instincts were right.

And here’s one more: