Elon Musk Retorts Bernie Sanders’s Categorization Of His Wealth As “Immoral”

Now, the “Technoking” is a huge problem!

We all know that left-wing progressive Sen. Bernie Sanders, an avowed socialist, isn’t appreciating America’s wealth. According to him, the U.S. capitalist system allowed numerous people to amass tremendous wealth.

However, Sanders is a millionaire, and until today, he has always defended his status, which disappointed his 20-year-old supporters.

During the weekend, Sen. Sanders conflicted with SpaceX CEO and Tesla “Technoking” Elon Musk.

Do you want to know which Sander’s problem is?

He hates all the people similar to Musk because they weigh more than numerous billions of dollars.
Regarding the lawmakers, Musk and his wealth are a huge moral problem.

On Thursday, he tweeted:

Sander attacked Musk one day after he and his fellow left-wing legislators presented their “Tax Excessive CEO Pay Act.”

This Act would hike “taxes on companies that pay their top executives at least 50 times more than the pay of a median worker.”

One message from CleanTechnica, covered by Musk, as New York Post reports, shows Zachary Shahan’s response to Sanders’ tweet. In the piece, Sanders’s remarks are ridiculous and idiotic.
He agrees with Sanders’ call to speak about wealth inadequately, which brought the Senator to attack Musk.

Elon Musk’s wealth is not in gold or cash. It is not in houses or yachts. His enormous wealth comes from the fact that companies he founded have gotten so large and successful, and the related fact that he he doesn’t sell his stock in those companies. He’s so wealthy because so many investors have poured so much money into the expectation that his companies will do better and better as the years go on. Elon is not hoarding cash. He doesn’t have cash to hoard. He has said that he takes out loans based on his net worth when he needs to buy things, rather than selling stock. ”

Musk read the piece from CleanTechnica and answered Sanders’ critics, again via Twitter.

However, Senator Sanders paid attention to Musk’s wealth and the “obscene” American inequality that it represents.

Sanders has attacked Musk and his wealth before!

If you didn’t know, Senator attacked Musk before and his money again.
The Post, last summer, shared that the socialist Senator asked for a 60% tax on the fortune of the wealthy Americans in the middle of the pandemic.

Sanders justified the tax in a series of tweets. He counted numerous examples of wealthy Americans and increased wealth during the pandemic.

One of those people was Musk.