BREAKING: Biden and Friends Busted Partying and Singing Without Masks or Social Distancing at Joe’s Elite Birthday Bash [VIDEO]

You’re not allowed to have Thanksgiving with a few of your family members, but Joe Biden and his hundreds of pals can all get together, mask-free, and party like it’s 1999.

That’s exactly what occurred for Dementia Joe’s big “Birthday Bash.”

It was a rollicking event, complete with singers, no masks, and absolutely no social distancing whatsoever.

Why, if you looked at this video and didn’t know better, you’d think there was absolutely no “COVID pandemic” at all.

But isn’t this just the way? Look at smug Governor Gavin Newsom…He locks his state down again, tells people they can’t have Thanksgiving, while he parties with his rich elite pals without masks and social distancing at swanky French Laundry.

Do you think CNN or Fox News will be outraged?

It’s amazing to me that Americans – with their feisty spirits – are still allowing these elite globalist dirtbags to ruin their families and their county and do it in such a blatant and hypocritical way.

Watch the video below:

How long will we allow all of this to go on?

The people who work for us, are now “ruling” us as if we’re worthless street peasants, and they’re doing it while laughing in our faces.

Let them eat cake?

No…more like “Make them wear masks.”