Arrogant Law Student Tries To Debate Ted Cruz….It Doesn’t Go Well

Back to the shallow lane, law student!

This is a classic exchange caught on camera and I’m so glad someone was recording.

Actually, I’ll say this….this is the kind of open and honest exchange we need in our country.


A debate.

An exchange of ideas.

A vigorous challenging of each other’s ideas.

All great!

So actually I say kudos to this kid for treating this respectfully and for being engaged enough to hold this dialogue with Ted.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t very well researched because he thought his one line that “this is what Republicans did in 2016” was going to win him the debate and unfortunately that was about the worst argument he could make.

Not at all the same thing.

This kid probably researched his questions all week long, excited to get his one chance to question Ted.

Research, practice, research, practice….practice in front of a mirror.

Meanwhile, Ted fields the questions off the cuff with no benefit of research or preparation and he made short work of the kid’s challenges.

Take a look here on Rumble: