Another Savage Fighter and Tucker Carlson “Favorite” Just Joined Trump’s Legal Team

Trump is getting ready to venture into some very deep legal waters, and he’s preparing for it big time.

The swamp is dark and murky, so Trump’s making sure that he’s got a team who can maneuver through.

We already have Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, and Lin Wood out front, with many others behind the scenes.

But as the team gets ready for some really big court battles coming up, President Trump has added another major heavy-hitter, and a fan-favorite from Tucker’s show: Joe DiGeonva.

From Just The News:

President Trump’s campaign legal team has beefed up with several senior lawyers as it prepares to challenge hundreds of thousands of votes cast in Democratic stronghold cities like Detroit and Philadelphia without required GOP observers, arguing the expulsions created disparate treatment or unequal protection of voters in violation of the Constitution.

The team led by former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani and longtime Trump private lawyer Jay Sekulow has been expanded to include former Justice Department officials Victoria Toensing and Sidney Powell, former U.S. Attorney Joseph diGenova and trusted campaign lawyer Jenna Ellis.

Paul Clement, a George W. Bush administration solicitor general with a strong record of arguing in front of the Supreme Court, would likely argue any cases that reached the nine justices, officials told Just the News.

The lawyers are prepared to argue that votes that were counted on election night and the day after without GOP observers present in Democrat-led cities should be thrown out because they were tainted by a process that was left open to fraud and abuse and illegally treated voters differently in various jurisdictions. The Trump campaign lawyers have identified 680,000-plus votes in Pennsylvania and about 250,000 in Michigan they believe fall into the category.

To augment the case, the lawyers are securing affidavits and declarations from citizens who allege:

they went to the polls to vote and were told they had already voted when they had not cast ballots
they are listed as voting in a state where they did not cast ballots
they witnessed fraudulent or improper vote counting activities as observers or election officials
extreme statistical anomalies uncovered in a handful of battleground states’ vote totals are prima facie proof of fraudulent or untoward vote collection and counting activities

I want to remind you as we delve deeper into this thing that we have the worst propaganda media on the planet…and they still have far too much power.

Right now, media jackals, led by the traitors over at Fox News are “deciding” elections for the American people and claiming “fraud” isn’t an issue.

The main thing we need to focus on right now is not getting gaslit by the lying fake news media.

Remember, all these jackals are liars. They didn’t suddenly wake up on 11/4 and decide to start telling the truth.

The entire country is being lied to right now – your only job is not to fall for it.

President Trump fighting hard and he deserves his day in court. After all, he’s representing 70+ million of us and the Constitution.

So, we need to shake off the media lies, rise up, and fight right alongside him.