An Elderly Trump Supporter Is Pushed Down By A Thug In Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

This is just sick behavior.

An elderly woman at a Trump “Stop The Steal Rally” was physically assaulted in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.

A man dressed in black-bloc is the suspect who pushed the older woman.

The suspect was confrontational with Trump supporters and then for no reason at all just pushed an old lady down to the ground.

See the malice act yourself:

The Gatewaypundit broke the news and shared this tidbit:

An elderly woman was shoved to the ground by a militant left protester during a Trump rally in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, on Saturday.

As the Gateway Pundit previously reported, a Joe Biden supporter also plowed through the crowd during the rally, injuring at least one person.

In the footage, a bystander is heard saying “you just shoved an old lady down, what is wrong with you?”

An anti-Trump protester was also caught on camera assaulting a member of the Proud Boys. They were promptly arrested.

I’m sure the far-left will just say she slipped on her own.

Later on in the day, a Biden supporter plowed through a group of Trump supporters with their car.

The attacks against Trump supporters keep on coming while the fat left still claims to be the tolerant ones.